Let’s talk about Momoiro Sparkling!

I know I said in my previous post that for the forseeable future, posting would be sparse, but I’m willing to make an exception when it comes to new H!P releases. I’m preparing a huge GETS!!! post combining multiple things I’ve recieved as well as some non-H!P posts, all to be put up post college exams but for now let’s talk about C-ute’s latest single: Momoiro Sparkling.

First up, my compliments again to CDJapan. Not only was the packaging of this single outstanding but they yet again managed to deliver it on release day. Through my lurkings of the various forums and my wanderings through the idol blogosphere I’ve seen that some folks even got their copies early. I don’t know how they can get away with that but I’m not complaining. Yes, shipping fees are higher than say… Yesasia, but the extra cost is well worth it.

Now onto the single itself

I think Maimi looks particularly fetching

The cover is pretty good. The girls look great, I love the use of primary colors and unlike Kiss Me Aishiteru this cover actually nicely goes together with the song. It exudes a fresh, summery feeling. I never understood why they went for the hula-hoop approach on Kiss Me Aishiteru.

I’ll be honest and say that when I initially heard the first radio-rip of this song I kind of went “bleh” and decided that I didn’t like it. Listening to it a few more times made me warm up to the song and by the time the PV was released I was committed: I had to buy this single. That’s how it goes: some H!P songs are instant enjoyment, while others are more of a slow burn. I’ll fully admit this may not immediately appeal to everyone, but watch the PV a couple of times and tell me you’re not charmed by this song. Speaking of the PV, all in all I find it to be decent and effective. I don’t mind that it’s seemingly low budget, but I do think a lot of the initial lukewarm impressions to this PV could have been avoided if they had shot this outdoors or at the beach.

The coupling is very decent, I like it better than Kiss me Aishiteru’s. The instrumental is no slouch either.

Overal I really recommend this single. If C-ute can’t sing cute songs then I don’t know what they can sing. This song debuted at #4 on the Oricon rankings today which is actually very decent, although I’m a bit worried about sales. Still if you like the song it’s also available on iTunes.

That’s all for today folks, I’d say C-ute officially gave us permission to enjoy summer.



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