Let’s talk about The Bullet of Love

Although I’m in the middle of college exams, I did say I would put up a post if there were any new releases. With a release as solid as Ai no Dangan, I really had to put up something.

First up, the cover.

Best outfits EVER!

This cover (the Regular Edition) is just great. I mean for crying out loud they’re wearing RED LATEX BODYSUITS! What more could you want? The design of this cover is top notch and whoever did the Photoshop work on this did it a heck of a lot better than on their last release. The covers to the various other versions are also well done. You’ve got one featuring a bike and I believe the Single V has lasers. Cover-wise this single wins.

I have mixed feelings about the PV. On the one hand, there’s a lot of creative stuff here. The Inception-esque screen within a screen effect is pretty cool and I love that they actually got a real bike. I also particularly enjoyed the “love-shots” the girls fire at us. (all gifs in this post belong to Airii~ndeshou?!, which is an awesome site everybody should visit, I hope it’s ok to use them here, if not let me know and I’ll take them down)

I SO want that gun

They also do some things with the member colors that are pretty cool.

This beats out Shining Power any day

There are some parts though where I thought some shots were a bit unfinished, shots where you could have easily shaved off a few seconds and have a better PV. All those complaints were invalidated though when this “dance move” reared it’s head:

It will forever be known as "the butt dance".

Don’t need to waste any more words now do I?

The song itself is great, I enjoyed it a tad more than Heroine ni Narou ka even though it’s heavy on the guitars. I love that both Momoko and Captain got to go high pitch at the end. That was just great.

The coupling song also bears mentioning. Omoide is a very solid coupling song full of electronicy goodness. Starting out with C-ute’s Momoiro Sparkling, now this and Morning Musume’s Only You’s coupling, I’d say the couplings of this round of H!P releases are very strong as a whole.

So, all in all, I really recommend it. This song debuted at #6 on Oricon, dropped down to #12 and has now popped up back to 7. Ranking doesn’t really matter to me, I just hope they get the usual 20-25000 in sales (even Momoiro Sparkling managed to do that with a surprisingly decent second week).

If you like it, buy it from CDJapan or get it on iTunes here.