Let’s talk about X-Men: First Class

As much as it pains me to bump down Manobum, this blog must go on. In fact, today’s post is completely unrelated to idols or j-pop. It’s about something extremely Western: comic books and comic book movies. Let’s talk about X-Men: First Class.

I’m not going to mince words here. This movie was epic. I easily find it to be the best of all the X-Men movies. Matthew Vaughn (of Kick-Ass fame and the person who should have directed X3) delivers a roaring triumph of a film.

Yes, there are a couple of cheesy bits of script and some of the dialogue is a bit mediocre but other than that, I have zero complaints. The special effects, the score, the performances, the casting, etc. all of them are flawless. Michael Fassbender IS Magneto. James McAvoy IS Professor X. Heck even Kevin Bacon pulls of a more than decent Sebastian Shaw. It’s filled with seemingly throwaway lines that actually mean so much to fans of these characters. And the cameo’s, oh the cameo’s. Not gonna spoil them, but boy are they poignant and funny.

That’s it, just a quick post but I really recommend this movie.