Let’s talk about The Big Bang Theory and BitTorrent

Wow, three non-idol related posts in three days. When was the last time that happened on this blog? This post is technically a GETS!!! post as it’s about stuff I’ve bought but as I have more to say than just “hey, new stuff” I won’t classify it under that category. Speaking of new stuff, here are the first three seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

Yes, discs. Remember those, streamers?

A bit about the show first. It’s brilliant. It’s a show made by geeks for geeks. This show is peppered with well-targeted nerdy references to comics, movies, games and various other domains of geekdom. I like this show because it’s not pandering to geeks. There’s no weird pseudo-technobabble like you get on other shows. The dialogue, in most cases, is right on the money when it comes to geek authenticity. The chemistry between the characters is great and already Sheldon Cooper can take up his place in the TV Hall of Fame. Apart from the very last episode of Season 4 (which was horrible, seriously the characters were rude and mean for no reason, it was just bizarre) I’ve really enjoyed every episode of this great show. I hope they can maintain that quality going forward.

I first came upon this show during one of the few dips in live-television I take maybe three times a year. I liked it and I wanted to see more, so where did I go? To BitTorrent of course. I’ll freely admit that I downloaded a fair bunch of episodes before I decided I liked it and wanted to support the people involved by buying the boxsets. I personally don’t see anything wrong with that and I believe that if media companies allowed for a greater amount of free sampling of their content their sales would actually go up. I mean, I wasn’t ever going to buy these DVD’s based on a random episode I saw on TV. That’s like buying a videogame from an unknown developer without playing the demo. But after watching a couple of them I decided it would be worth my time and money.

I know that in the US services like Netflix and Hulu have made it very easy for people to freely or cheaply sample various forms of content. Sadly that’s not yet the case in Europe or at least not in Belgium (if it is, please correct me). Until then BitTorrent will be the best buyers guide I’ll ever find.

On another related note, I have a small tip for the various content companies out there. Do you want less piracy? Then how about global simultaneous releases of movies, books, TV-shows and games? Why should people separated from you by a massive amount of salty water have to wait to enjoy your stuff? When you release something it should be everywhere so people who actually want to buy it, can do so. With the increased crumbling physical media sales of various forms of content (CD’s, books, videogames,…) and the rise of digital marketplaces everywhere, regional restrictions make no sense. Let content and information flow freely.

I promise you, not only will people think more highly of you but you’ll make a buttload of money in the process.

Note: and in case anyone wants to sue me, know that I pay for and legally purchase all my media. I think creators of content should be rewarded for their efforts. Pirates are douchebags, plain and simple.