Let’s talk about My Days for You

With a bit of a delay due to my trip to Rock Werchter and more stubborn customs than usual I finally get to talk about Mano Erina’s newest single, My Days for You.

Standard Mano cover, but pretty nonetheless.

If there’s one thing I like about the recent “wave” of Mano releases (this single, her latest PB and her newest solo DVD) is the consistency between them. The various covers for My Days for You were clearly shot at the same time as her recent PB so there’s a nice bit of overlap. We’ve gotten a nice big package of Mano releases the last two months that all go well together. Her solo DVD (from what I’ve seen of it) seems to be more than decent as well.

Now of course when you talk about Mano there’s the serious (some say boring) Mano and the genki/upbeat Mano. It’s fortunate then that this release caters to fans of both Mano’s. The main song is a very mellow song (though not as slow as a ballad) that nicely highlights Mano’s vocals. The coupling 10 Carat no Kirameki. is a lot more upbeat, with a kind of retro-idol vibe about it. Releases like this are the best, with both the main song and coupling being very enjoyable.

I wish I could show you the full PV, however for some reason UFA or Mano’s staff have decided to only upload the Riverside Version. The reason for this escapes me since the PV has been aired on television and has leaked all over the interwebs. Barring that, the good thing about this PV is that she’s outside, a place H!P idols seem to have shied away from recently. It’s simple, elegant and functional. (EDIT: full PV has finally been released, I replaced the Youtube video in this post)

If you like this release, please consider buying it. It’s available on iTunes and CDJapan.