Let’s talk about KARA and Momoiro Clover

Two posts about new releases in two days, does it show I’m on vacation? This post is special for three reasons. It’s the first of a new breed of new-release posts, it’s the first post to be vaguely K-pop related and it’s the first idol-related post of mine to feature idols that aren’t part of Hello!Project. Allow me to elaborate.

From now on, any post that features a new release will also mention an old(er) release. I’ll be honest and say that my main reason for doing this is so that when I order something from CDJapan my shipping costs don’t exceed the cost of the actual item I’m buying. What does this mean for any wayward soul reading this blog? It means more content overall. What does it mean for me? I get to spend more money but I get more bang for my buck. So without further ado, let’s move on to the good stuff.

First up is GO GO Summer! by KARA.

Also included is an application card.

KARA hails from South-Korea but have been making a name for themselves in Japan, recently setting sales records for foreign artists. It’s impossible to be a H!P fan and not pick up on a few of the other names in the Japanese music arena. KARA is one of the few that stood out to me. While I didn’t get hooked on their earlier releases, Go Go Summer is the first song I’ve really come to enjoy.

Very upbeat but with a killer guitar solo at the end, it’s a very well executed summery pop song. I opted for the (blue) Limited Edition which included an extra song TO ME as a First Press Bonus and was well worth it. Now that they’ve released a song I can listen to on repeat I’ll be following KARA’s exploits from here on forward.

For today’s old(er) release we have Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo by Momoiro Clover (they’ve since rebranded themselves as Momoiro Clover Z)

Akara, Ayaka, Momoka, Kanako, Shiori and Reni.

Momoclo was the first idol group I found I could enjoy outside of H!P. H!P has a certain level of craziness or goofyness about them but Momoclo takes this to a new level. I love watching them perform, especially with their fierce gymnastic routines. Their debut single, Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo got me really hooked and while I don’t think any of their subsequent singles have lived up to it, the recently released D’ no Junjou is once again really enjoyable.

I unfortunately became a fan of them right around when Hayami Akari announced her graduation, which was sad as she was the one that immediately caught my eye. Still, this group seems to going strong and I’ll continue to watch their efforts with great interest.

All in all, I’m really pleased to be adding both of these to my collection. If you like these songs and wish to support these artists, please consider buying their singles (KARA / MOMOCLO).