Let’s talk about Transformers 3

I saw Transformers 3 the other day. No, no one forced me to watch it, I’m a genuine fan of the series. I loved the first one and found a lot of enjoyment in the second one even though it was clearly inferior to its predecessor. Michael Bay, despite being scorned by a lot of people, is very good at what he does. He’s perfected “blowing things up and shooting it in a really pretty way” to a veritable art form.

Suffice to say, I really enjoyed this movie. Not as good as the first one but a massive improvement over the second one. It’s seems Michael Bay has finally figured out the key to succes. That key being to assure that not five minutes go by without some kind of  explosion-filled action. It’s hard to call this a movie, it’s more the movie version of a rollercoaster ride. With giant robots.

Yes the plot is convoluted and silly. Yes, the script is incredibly simple. That’s fine though, if I want to see some sad intellectual melodrama, I’ll watch it at home, on DVD or on-demand.  When in the movie theatre, I expect stuff to blow up, I want impressive special effects, I want to feel exhausted when I return home. Transformers 3 delivers on all of that.

The special effects and CG are off the hook. If you were to transport a bunch of moviegoers from say the 1970’s to the present time and had them watch this movie, they wouldn’t go “wow special effects have come a long way”, they’d actually believe giant robots existed and Michael Bay just sat there with a camera. Special mention goes to the sound design. Every little noise or sound effect is its own little piece of awesome. Likewise, the production design is excellent.

The 3D also deserves mentioning. This is the third film, next to Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon that I actively enjoyed watching in 3D. The decrease in brightness is almost completely nullified due to the fact that this is an incredibly bright film to begin with. Michael Bay also clearly knows how to shoot in 3D. This isn’t just some post-conversion rushjob. Thought and effort went into making this a great 3D experience.

The performances are serviceable but ultimately ignorable in lieu of the gorgeous action taking place in front of you. Who cares what Shia LaBeouf has to say when a Decepticon army is invading earth? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s role could have been played by any semi-attractive model straight of the runway. The script gives for some truly groanworthy moments, although at times this film is genuinely funny. Leonard Nimoy also has a role in this fim, which I won’t spoil. Depending on how much of a Spock fan you are, you may be both delighted and repulsed by some of his dialogue.

Would I recommend this movie? Let me ask you this: do you like to watch stuff explode? Do you like watching giant robots duke it out in an urban environment? Do you love missile launchers, plasma cannons and chainguns? Do you like beautiful cars? Then you owe it to yourself to go see this movie.