GETS!!! (27): GETS!!! Megapost Part 3 of 3: The Rest

I finally get to wrap this three-parter up. I’ll be dispensing with the numbering in these GETS!!! posts from now on. It just made post titles too convoluted.

Anyway to round out the massive three part GETS!!! post, we have just two items that I couldn’t stuff under the CD or DVD category. A Morning Musume Fantasy DX poster and the Fantasy DX visual book.

Tech troubles force me to post only a lowly iPhone pic.

I bought the visual book mainly out of curiosity. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to own one and to actually hold one in my own hands. Would I recommend people buy it? Unfortunately no. It’s basically a huge hardcover book, with two high quality pin-ups of each member. While the girls undoubtedly look great, what you get doesn’t justify the price-tag.

The poster however is awesome. Printed on high quality, glossy paper it’s currently hanging on a wall to the left of me in a nice frame. Aika fans should really pick this up as she’s smack dab in the center and looking great. Special shoutout to Sayumi, who never seems to age particularly with the twintails look she used for this poster.

Conclusion. Skip the visual book and buy some H!P CD’s instead, but the poster is a recommended buy.



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