GETS!!! – My HSU order finally arrives

The order I made from HelloStoreUSA way back in the first week of June has finally arrived. I love HSU for the opportunity it offers international fans of Hello! Project to buy various goods but it can usually be a long wait when you order from them. I know why this is the case and I know some people kind of enjoy the wait as they love the surprise of having a HSU order pop up on their doorstep while they themselves have long forgotten it.  For a person like me who is the “recheck order status every day” kind of guy, that wait can be akin to a mild form of torture.

My order did finally arrive though so what did I get? (pictures were taken with an iPhone 3GS instead of my usual camera so please try to tolerate the possible lack of image quality)

First up we have a Fantasy DX uchiwa.

This turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

Like the visual book before it, I don’t think I’ll buy another one of these, but I’m of the opinion that any self-respecting idol fan should at least try to own one uchiwa in his or her lifetime.

Next up we have a S/mileage S/mile Factory T-shirt.

S/mile Factory was a damn good TV-show.

With the S/mileage audition results to be unveiled in four days, I’m sure I’m not the only one who went ahead and bought something to remember the 4nin S/mileage before the group goes off on its hopefully glorious future (as an aside: Uchouten LOVE just gave them their best first week sales ever). This shirt also comes with four photo’s. I myself do not buy idol photo’s yet I seem to be amassing a small collection composed solely of pics included with T-Shirts. It’s an added value so I’m not complaining.

Finally we have a Heroine ni Narou ka! Shirt and another S/mileage shirt, this time the one that was released with their single Koi ni Booing Buu!. Yes, I bought the evil pig shirt, although to be fair the back (not pictured) is well designed

That’s it for this GETS!!!  post. I’ll be getting some more stuff from CDJapan in the near future so expect some posts on Berryz Kobo, Hangry & Angry-f, Afilia Saga East and  Mizuki Nana.