Let’s talk about Tsunku and Afilia Saga East

Ever since I got into idol music with Morning Musume and the rest of Hello! Project I’ve always had the following question lurking in the back of my mind: am I a fan of idol music in general or am I just a fan of anything that Tsunku touches with his magic producer hands? For the longest time I found it incredibly hard to enjoy the music of any idol groups not affiliated with H!P and believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Then I discovered Momoiro Clover and they rapidly became the sole exception to my “I-only-seem-to-like-stuff-Tsunku-produces” rule.

Seriously: this guy is a genius.

You can imagine my joy when I came upon the PV for Afilia Saga East’s Knee High Egoist. Finally, I almost said out loud, another idol group I can enjoy that isn’t under the H!P umbrella. Then I looked up the group on generasia. Turns out Tsunku was involved with this song as well. Oh well, never mind…

Knee High Egoist is a kick-ass song though. In hindsight, it’s clearly got Tsunku written all over it down to him singing in the chorus and inserting his wacky voice samples as he usually does (can’t believe I missed those at first). It’s interesting to see what Tsunku can come up with when he’s doing work for non-H!P groups and he’s got another team of people surrounding him. To me, the song actually sounds like it’s a darker, naughtier version of some H!P songs. I think it could have easily been included as a coupling song (the good kind) on any random H!P single.

Here’s the CD along with the extra contents.

The girls mainly all sing in unison with the occasional member being more prominent and the inclusion of the odd solo line. The screeches/shouts that pepper the song are really fun and I found myself making the claw hand gesture more than once. The dance is also well done. It’s basic but very unique and it stands out in the crowded idol world we live in today.

Lots of clawy goodness in this PV.

The coupling song Koi wo Game ni Shinaide! is sadly quite forgettable in my opinion. Just your standard idol pop I think you can find anywhere on the internet. I did take the time to check out the rest of their discography. Unfortunately I find myself not really enjoying any of their other songs as much as this one, not even the bikini-filled La*La*La Revolution. Then again, I used to think Momoiro Clover’s only good song was Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo and I was clearly wrong about that, so I’m sure I’ll find something else of Afilia Saga East’s that I can enjoy in the future. They’re certainly on my radar now so I’m interested to see what they can come up with going forward.

Did I mention this PV is a bit naughtier than your average H!P PV?

If you like this single and wish to support Afilia Saga East (apart from visiting one of their café’s since they are an idol group formed from the Afilia Saga maid cafe chain), then please consider purchasing it. It’s available on CDJapan.



  1. MTSayuRin

    Wow. Thanks for sharing, this certainly is interesting! I really like the song and the PV, especially the screechy screams and the claw hands. Such a cool sexy fun song. All of them look great too. I might consider buying this sometime later when I have more money. *listens to the song for the 3rd time in row*

    Oh and I have the same kind of problem when it comes to Tsunku and the rest of the world. He IS a genius.

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