Let’s talk about Berryz Koubou Single V Clips 5

This will be a small post mainly because there’s just so much you can say about a PV collection DVD.

Say what you want about Aa, Yo ga Akeru, it does make for some pretty awesome covers.

On this DVD are all the Berryz工房 PV’s from Otakebi Boy WAO! to Aa, Yo ga Akeru. It also includes various alternate versions of these PV’s (like dance or close-up versions) as well as Aa, Yo ga Akeru’s Making Of. If I had to pick a favorite out of all of these it would certainly be the Otakebi Boy WAO! PV mainly because in this PV Sugaya Risako gets to summon a giant ball of lightning out of thin air.

My take on these PV collections seems to have changed since the last time I bought one. While at the time I was wondering why one would ever charge for PV’s I have to admit that it is nice to have a clean high-quality version at my disposal, ready to be ripped and transferred to any of my mobile devices or my TV. I wonder if UFA will ever consider bringing these out on Blu-ray?

Also included of course is the Shining Power PV which gave us this winktastic moment.

If you like what you see, why not consider purchasing this DVD? It’s available on CDJapan (which just did a minor redesign of some of its website making it far easier to use).