Let’s talk about Kikkabikini

Another short post today, but luckily the subject matter nicely compensates for my brevity. I’m talking about Kikkawa Yuu’s first photobook simply called “YOU”.

Lovely as usual

Kikkawa Yuu is probably the textbook example of how an idol singer should debut (not counting the massive earthquake that delayed it of course). Here we have someone who lost an audition but instead of returning to normal life was put into a training group (Hello! Pro Eggs) for a few years. After testing the waters with the temporary unit MilkyWay she finally got to sucessfully debut backed by tons of promo (including a movie) and armed with a very enjoyable 1st single. Now, with her 2nd single not far off she can now complete the idol picture by releasing her first PB (and solo DVD as well).

I may criticise UFA from time to time but as far as Kikka is concerned they’ve done very well. They trained and groomed her and when she was ready to debut they wisely transferred her over to Universal Music Japan to handle all the promo and other practical matters. While I still would have preferred her joining Morning Musume as an 8th generation member, I must say I am very pleased she’s doing so well as a soloist.

The backcover is where the good stuff starts

The PB itself is a true work of art. Being an idol is a flexible occupation. One has to sing, to model, to go on TV & radio, appear on webshows and in magazines, etc. It’s safe to say from this PB that Kikka has the modelling bit down pat. She’s utterly gorgeous in this PB which is as much a credit to her as to the photographer and whoever was in charge of the wardrobe. She gets to be in a nice variety of outfits and settings (I believe this PB was shot in Okinawa) and her facial expressions are just perfect.

As usual there's the Making Of DVD included as well.

All in all I really recommend this PB. It’s a great purchase and a supreme first effort from Kikka. As I mentioned, she’s also releasing a solo DVD at the same time which seems to actually be of the enjoyable variety, full of fun-filled activities and not just the standard “stare-at-the-screen” idol DVD.

I’m reminded of what I said when I talked about Mano Erina’s last PB: I find it amazing that in the year where the H!P PB-queens Takahashi Ai & Suzuki Airi release their own photobooks (which is admittedly almost every year) it’s the plucky soloists who manage to deliver the best PB’s of the year

Get it at CDJapan (PB/DVD). You won’t be dissapointed.


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