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GETS!!! (25): GETS!!! Megapost Part 1 of 3: DVD’s

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post so soon but I find myself with a bit of extra time so what better way to use that extra time than blog?

As the long and convoluted title of this post suggests, this is the first post of a trilogy of posts all talking about massive amounts of GETS!!!. You see, while I do try to put up a GETS!!! post everytime I buy something interesting (idol related or otherwise), I’ve been somewhat busy these last few months. The result is that CDJapan, Amazon, and other deliveries just started piling up in all the wrong places. I’ve decided to combine all of these into a Mega GETS!!! blowout which, for everyone’s convenience (including mine), I will stretch out over three posts. After that I’ll be posting a couple of non-idol related posts.

Today we are talking about DVD’s, specifially concert DVD’s. A healthy mix of H!P and Morning Musume. I’ll try to talk about them in chronological order.

First up we have a twoshot. Hello! Project 2003 Winter ~Tanoshin Jattemasu!~ and Hello! Project 2003 Natsu ~Yossha! Bikkuri Summer!!~.

Remember: pre-2005 H!P DVD's came in CD cases

These were Hello! Project’s 2003 concerts. The reason I’m putting these two together is that in the short timespan between these concerts a massive amount of changes took place in the H!P world. In the winter concerts Fujimoto Miki is still a soloist, Gomattou is still rocking it, Yaguchi Mari is still the leader of Mini Moni, Country Musume is still paired up with Ishikawa Rika, the 6th generation of Morning Musume has yet to arrive, Abe Natsumi didn’t have a solo career yet and the H!P kids were just making their first appearances.

Fast forward to the summer concert and there’s a world of difference. The 2003 shuffle groups make their appearances, Country Musume has dropped Rika but has been reinforced by Fujimoto Miki and Konno Asami, the 6th generation of Morning Musume has arrived (including Mikitty), Mika Todd has taken over Mini Moni’s leadership with Takahashi Ai joining them, the first H!P Kids unit ZYX is formed alongside the one-off unit ROMANS and Abe Natsumi is embarking on her solo career.

In fact the only thing that remains constant is Inaba Atsuko’s crazy MC’s and Makoto’s hairdo. We may complain that auditions, graduations and even singles come way too fast these days, but that’s nothing compared to the rate of change in 2003.

Next up we have Morning Musume Concert Tour 2005 Natsu Aki “Baribari Kyoushitsu ~Koharu-chan Irasshai!~”.

I really like the design of this cover

This was Kusumi Koharu’s first concert where she participated as a full member of Morning Musume and boy does it show. From the starring role in the opening VTR to copious amount of shots focused solely on her, our Miracle-chan sure got a huge welcome back in 2005. I wasn’t a fan or even aware of them back then but I hope they did something similar this year with the current concert tour and the welcoming of the 9th gen. The name of the current concert tour and various concert recordings of the MC’s do make that out to be the case.

Next we have Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Aki ~Resonant LIVE~.

This here's one of them Horizontal DVD's

This concert tour features what I constantly call “My Musume”. While I love everyone in H!P, the Morning Musume of this concert tour was the one that was active while I became a fan. The Pandas, half of the Gokkies, all of the Rokkies, Aika and Koharu. As much as the line-up changes I will always treasure and look fondly on this 9nin line-up. I guess this is how Japanese fans must view the OG’s. While Resonant Live isn’t as breathtakingly awesome as say ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ (a true 9-nin triumph) it did manage to do one thing and that is to make me change my mind about Cover You, Morning Musume’s only cover album. There are some genuinely enjoyable songs on that album. Plus, as far as I know, this is the only concert tour where Pepper Keibu was ever performed.

Finally we have Morning Musume Yomiuri Land EAST LIVE 2009

They're outside!!!

Yomiuri Land has hosted quite a few H!P events. If I have my history correct I believe it’s there where C-ute had their first live performance. This DVD of course features the 2009 Morning Musume event where they promoted their coupling songs compilation album. It’s basically a 20 minute game/MC followed by a miniconcert full of their best B-sides with Kimagure Princess and Sexy Boy thrown in for good measure. It’s once again a great 9nin performance but the best part is that it’s outside in full daylight, a place where H!P rarely dares to show it’s face these days (although Mano Erina’s upcoming PV is set to buck the trend).

That’s it for this post. As GETS!!! post go it’s already pretty massive, yet there’s more to come so stay tuned for part 2: CD’s