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Let’s talk about Yuu

Former Hello! Project trainee Kikkawa Yuu has, a year after her debut, finally put out an album called One for YOU! Is it worth getting?

Pictured above is the Limited Edition with bonus DVD.

The answer to that question is dependant on a few things. If you’re a loyal Kikka fan who has faithfully been buying up every version of the three singles she’s released, you’ve already bought this album. Even if technically it offers the least amount of value for you. This album not only contains all her previous singles but also some of her previously released B-sides like Sweetie or Sayonara Namida. If you held out on buying her singles to save up for the album, you’ll be overjoyed as this album contains almost everything you’ve missed so far plus some very enjoyable new songs. The album has a nice flow to it presenting a great balance between up-tempo idol pop and slower ballads. I didn’t get into idols for the slow songs so I was pleased to find faster paced songs like Hirahira Hoshi, Hako no Naka no Blue and Make YOU! on the disc. Just the kinds of songs that made me get into Japanese idol music in the first place.

The album also contains her third single "Konna Watashi de Yokattara" which I purchased some time ago.

The real treat however is all the goodies you get if you bought the Limited Edition. Not only do you get alternate versions as well as making-ofs of her previously released music videos, you also get her performance of Sayonara Namida at the 2011 Hello! Project Winter concerts. At the time she was the opening act and just getting ready for her debut. To my knowledge it’s the first live performance of Kikka released in any format. It’s a good performance that gets me excited for her first one-man live called Kikka Fest later this year. I’m also hoping her performances at the 2012 Hello! Project Winter concerts (she has since been upgraded from opening act to official guest performer) will be included on those concert DVD’s when they come out.

A wonderful performance by a promising idol.

I’ve said it before. If you’re a Kikka-fan, you’ve already bought this album. If you’ve been restraining yourself from jumping on the Kikka-bandwagon, now is the time.

The album is available at CDJapan (Regular/Limited). I highly recommend you go check it out and remember to support artists if you enjoy their work.