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Let’s talk about Mizuki Nana

As a fan of idol-music I semi-regulary visit the Oricon charts to see how my favorite groups are doing in this so-called “idol civil war”. That’s exactly what I was doing one day when two singles, both by the same artist, released on the same day, popped out at me in giant capital letters. One of those I now own: it’s called SCARLET KNIGHT by Mizuki Nana.

Isn't she beautiful?

While her other single released at the time, POP MASTER, didn’t really appeal to me, SCARLET KNIGHT is right up my alley. A powerful, sweeping song. A song that just makes your jaw drop upon hearing it. The PV is very well done as well. I love the gauntleted hand, the violinists and the red dress (I’ve only included a 15 second CM below because, sadly, that is all I could find). (EDIT: looks like it got taken down)

I initially dismissed the coupling song HIGH-STEPPER but after listening to it a few times it really grew on me. It’s certainly a lot more “pop” than SCARLET KNIGHT. It vaguely reminds me of a capsule or Perfume song (or anything Nakata Yasukata is involved with). All in all, a very pleasant surprise.

Here's an angelic screenshot of the actual PV.

Of course this single came out a while ago and there’s a reason I’ve only purchased it now. Apart from when it really matters I’m strictly a digital purchase guy. The various CD’s I’ve shown off on this blog represent but a fraction of what I buy off iTunes on a monthly basis. If I could have, I would have just purchased this song on the iTunes Store. However, due to what is no doubt idiotic regional restrictions I couldn’t do that. In today’s digital age this makes absolutely no sense. Digital data has no borders, something which content companies are slow to accept. What’s the point in not having your content available in as many locations as is possible? Digital music stores should be global. End of story.

Only negative about the PV: too many nuns. I don't like nuns (or clowns).

Still, the fact that I went the extra mile and ended up getting a physical copy of this (it arrived with some of my more recent H!P purchases) says something about how much I like this single. I really recommend it.

If you like this song and want to support Mizuki Nana, please consider buying this single. It’s available on CDJapan.

Oh and before you leave: about these product links I usually put up at the end of these posts. It’s not a referral or affiliate link. I do not make money off these. I’m just here to spread the love.