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Let’s review Koi ni Booing Buu!

Screw technical difficulties! I just want to post something! I’ve feel like I’ve just been sitting on S/mileage’s latest single without being able to throw my opinion into the wild ether that is the internet. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

First up, the cover (apologies for any glare, the pictures were taken in a less than ideal location).

Yes astute reader, this is the Limited D I’m reviewing which, besides having an awesome cover also has a different tracklist than the Regular Edition. What else can I say about this cover other than freaking awesome? I’ll be honest and say that I was on the fence when it came to buying this single, but this cover (and the coupling song) made money magically fly out of my digital wallet. It looks like a lot of people agreed with me since this is the only Limited Edition whose First Press bonus was completely sold out almost instantly on CDJapan. What First Press bonus you say? Why this awesome A3-sized poster pictured below.

I sort of get the impression UFA is trying to gauge if a more mature S/mileage might work. The PV and the fact that the bonus poster is them wearing the black outfits  and not the pig ones sort of alludes to it as well.  If that’s the case I’m all for it. Now on to the song itself.

Now, this song sort of got a mixed reaction when the first preview came out. People were saying that S/mileage had gone too far, too cute. I initially shared the same reaction and had a brief moment of rage towards UFA. How dare you put all your promotion budget on this gimmicky song? Initial, irrational and highly emotional impressions are hardly a basis to form a balanced opinion on though so I can safely say that after giving it some thought I actually really like this song. Koi ni Booing Buu! has everything you could (or should) expect from a S/mileage song. Catchy chorus, cute theme, interesting gimmick and good PV. I think what people are railing against is that it’s just so cookie-cutter S/mileage. If this song had come out before Shortcut, I’m betting we would have had a bad reaction to the latter. This song gets full points, although I am hoping for a slightly different approach next time.

The coupling song Hatsukoi no Anata e however is the true star of this release. If you wanted S/mileage to be more mature, here you have it. It’s as if S/mileage asked Rodrigo y Gabriela to compose the instrumental and Tsunku put a decent beat behind it. I love the guitar rifs (that’s how you call those right?). Their higher pitched voices actually really fit this song. I love it, it’s something new and fresh from them. I want to see a live performance of this song ASAP.

As for the instrumental included on this single: it’s nothing special so no bonus points.

My, my could I actually have my first perfect single? Yes I believe I have.


Never thought it would turn out like this but the triple threat of cover, poster and coupling song won me over. If I were reviewing the Regular Edition though, you could easily chop of a a few points. They really need to stop putting Tanpopo covers as coupling songs on those Regular Editions.