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Let’s talk about AS FOR ONE DAY

On this blog I have mentioned from time to time that Morning Musume is a group whose entire singles discography I can listen to in one sitting without ever getting bored or annoyed or without ever having the urge to skip a song. It is indeed something I have done repeatedly. I realise this is a very rare thing, for one to find an artist or group of artists whose entire oeuvre can be enjoyed to the fullest. It is something that only happens a few times in a lifetime. It’s like finding that director whose filmography you find to be flawless or that writer whose books you read one after another enjoying every turn of every page of every book.

Does this mean that I immediately loved every Morning Musume single? Of course it doesn’t. While there are quite a few singles I immediately thought were brilliant (Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, Mikan and Do it! Now come to mind) there have been a few that have required a bit more effort on my part (in particular the singles in the pre-LOVE Machine era). With those singles I found it necessary to listen to the entire song multiple times before being able to fully appreciate it and before I understood exactly what the single was trying to achieve. The fact remains though that I eventually come around to liking or loving every Morning Musume single and I do not expect that to change in the future.

That being said, the one single that for the longest time I did not like at all was AS FOR ONE DAY.

We'll talk about that cover in just a moment.

I don’t know exactly why I disliked this single so much when I first heard it. Most likely it could be attributed to the fact that when I first heard this single I had only recently become a Morning Musume fan. As such I was content to judge and like or dislike any single (as the average member of any online idol community is wont to do) based on merely hearing a few, far too short fragments of the song. I have changed since those early days, deferring any final judgement on any song (and in fact any work of art in general) until I have heard the final product, the full song in high quality at least a few times.

For me to truly discover how great AS FOR ONE DAY was, it had to sneak up on me. It did so while I was watching an old unsubtitled episode of Hello Morning. The live performance for AS FOR ONE DAY suddenly started playing and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t believe that I had avoided this song for so long. When I noticed that AS FOR ONE DAY was one of the few Morning Musume singles not included on any of their albums (not including best-of’s) I lept at the chance to purchase it from CDJapan to fill this gap in my collection

I want to quickly mention something about the cover. In the last few years there has been some vocal criticism from within some online idol communities that H!P management is no longer capable of producing any good covers to any of their singles (at all). While I certainly disagree with this, I would like to point the people who claim that everything about Morning Musume was better in the past to the cover of this particular single. Even the most diehard Morning Musume fan must admit that this cover is a pretty paltry effort. One could say that this is due to the need to include so many members yet that argument is easily refuted since the next single (Shabondama) had even more members (the highest count ever in fact) and that was arguably one of the best covers ever in Morning Musume (if not H!P) history. Something to reflect upon no doubt. It is good to keep in mind that not everything in Morning Musume’s past was roses and sunshine, no matter how intensely some people might proclaim this to be the case.

I still highly recommend this single to anyone who might be thinking of purchasing it. It’s old but still available on CDJapan. The coupling song is a rock version of Never Forget, the song written when Fukuda Asuka graduated from the group although this time it heavily features Yasuda Kei, since this was her last single as part of the group. Do check it out!