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Let’s talk about Reconquista

You know what I like about HANGRY & ANGRY-f? Here we have two members of Dream Morning Musume, two Morning Musume OG’s who aren’t relying on nostalgia but are in fact getting to do something different, something original. I was pleasantly surprised that this group would be active once again. While I loved their work when they started out I honestly didn’t think they’d ever be anything more than a short-lived promotional unit for H.Naoto. I’m very glad I was wrong. They’re back and seem to be doing very well. Touring around the world, selling a few thousand on Oricon, being #1 on the Oricon indies chart and being the #1 artist in the rock category on Recochoku.

They're back folks!

I love the cover and the outfits. The use of white is a nice refreshing change and goes well with the more “poppish” Reconquista. The eye make-up and the way they’ve styled their hair do much to give them that otherworldy look that we’ve come to expect from them. This single is a CD+DVD combo so it also comes with the PV (embedded below)

The PV is basic but very enjoyable just like their two previous PV’s. I love the “dolls-on-strings-being-set free” concept. The use of those speakers was a nice touch. There is also that one brief glimpse of them wielding what appear to be lightsabers.

Any PV with lightsabers is alright in my book.

Moving on to the song. I must say that I really enjoy listening to Reconquista. It’s a lot more of a pop song than anything H&A-f have released before and I for one like this new direction they’re taking. The song has an addictive instrumental that worms itself into your brain. The slightly processed vocals sound good and the random shouts of Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika in the background just made me smile.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what Yoshizawa's thinking about?

This release also includes two remixes. One of Morning Musume’s Renai Revolution 21 and the other of their debut song Sadistic Dance. The Renai Revolution one is especially well done, which is as much a tribute to the quality of the original song as it is to the skill of the remixer. The Sadistic Dance remix is decent, nothing especially mindblowing but a nice new take on the original song.

Yoshizawa giving us "the look".

All in all, I really enjoy this release. H&A-f are one of my favourite acts to come out of the H!P group and I hope that with this comeback being successful they will consider releasing more songs in the future.

If you like this song and wish to support H&A-f, you can purchase their single on iTunes (Reconquista only/Full Single) and on CDJapan.